1978-1979 Corvette Rear Fiberglass Composite Leaf Spring



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Brand new TRW engineered rear composite leaf spring for 1978* to 1979 Corvettes. Composite springs were offered as an option on Corvettes starting in 1981 and due to their superiority to steel springs they have been standard equipment on all Corvettes since 1984.

Upgrage your Corvette and enjoy:

  • Smoother/Quieter ride with reduced harshness.
  • Reduced weight: Spring weighs 8 lbs versus 40+ lbs for the steel version
  • More responsive handling due to monoleaf construction
  • No permanent modifications required.
  • Easy installation with detailed instructions and all necessary hardware supplied
  • Available in three rates to fit your comfort and driving style: 315#, 340# & 355# - Please select below.
  • *Note: If you have a 1978 please check your current spring prior to ordering. Some 1978 Corvettes came with 2 1/4" springs mounted with 9/16" bolts with a 13/16" wrench size, if this is the case please call with this information to place an order.

    Fits 78 79 1978 1979 C3 Corvettes